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Any Goldsworthy Wooden Spire at Sunset
Any Goldsworthy Wooden Spire at Sunset
Any Goldsworthy Wooden Spire at Sunset

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Restoration in Progress | The Tennessee Hollow Watershed

El Polin SpringLong before centuries of military activity and construction projects covered up the area known as The Tennesse Hollow Watershed, it was home to a system where three creeks and freshwater springs came together to create a natural bird habitat and primary freshwater source for the marsh at Crissy Field. By redirecting water, removing fill and re-introducing thousands of native plants a new habitat is being created. Today, thanks to the support of the community over a decade, the MacArthur Meadow is now in the process of being restored. MacArthur Meadow, at the base of the historic Lover’s Lane is where the three creeks originally converged. Once the restoration is complete, an elevated boardwalk and panels highlighting the history and ecology of this site will be set in place for all to enjoy.

El Polin SpringMacArthur Meadow

From the Inn, MacArthur Meadow and the Tennessee Hollow Watershed project is easy to view. Simply head down Funston Ave, turn right on Presidio and follow the signs leading to the meadow and Lover’s Lane.