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Any Goldsworthy Wooden Spire at Sunset
Any Goldsworthy Wooden Spire at Sunset
Any Goldsworthy Wooden Spire at Sunset

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7X7 – The Presidio’s New Boutique Hotel Has Modern American Style & A Firepit With GGB Views

Lodge at the Presidio

After nearly three years of construction and anticipation, the Lodge at the Presidio opens its doors Thursday.

Once part of the Montgomery Street Barracks, which were built at the end of the 1800s to house infantry, artillery, and calvary companies, the new boutique stay is an opportunity to shack up in one of the Presidio’s 470 structures listed in the National Registry of Historic Places, which incidentally also has panoramic views of the lush 300-acre forest, the San Francisco Bay, skyline and, of course, that big red bridge, which can be seen from most of the 42 guest rooms.

Sister to the Inn at the Presidio, the new three-story Lodge is a contemporary stay with all the modern creature comforts you’d want—where else will you find both free breakfast and a firepit with views of the Golden Gate?—but its patriotic history can still be felt in its halls, where the new design, by SF’s Laura Cook (who also designed the inn and Traci Des Jardins’ Arguello restaurant, as well as Sausalito’s Cavallo Point) still pays its respects to the heritage of the place.

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