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Any Goldsworthy Wooden Spire at Sunset
Any Goldsworthy Wooden Spire at Sunset
Any Goldsworthy Wooden Spire at Sunset

Presidio Press & Stories

BBC World Service: The History of Wastefulness

BBC World Service Features Lodge at the Presidio

BBC Radio produced a live radio broadcast program called “The History of Wastefulness.” Across three episodes, Australian broadcaster and sustainability activist, Alexandra Spring, tracks the history of wastefulness by exploring today’s trash challenge, discovering more about trash through the ages, and asking if we’re at the tipping point of a future full of garbage.

California Style Magazine Features Lodge at the Presidio

Lodge at the Presidio

San Francisco Fort Nights
The tree-lined Presidio now has a plush new perch: the elegant Lodge at the Presidio, a 42-room hotel inside reworked Colonial Revival-style barracks. The former mess hall and regimental offices have been adapted by designer Laura Cook, in partnership with the Presidio Trust, into a military-inspired lobby and guest rooms, with a courtyard overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.

Sacramento Magazine Features Lodge and Inn at the Presidio

Lodge at the Presidio and Inn at the Presidio in the Presidio of San Francisco, California
By Krista Minard

It’s cold—it’s San Francisco, after all. It’s also crowded—it’s Union Square—but that adds to the happy energy. Your ankles are wobbly, and you don’t dare look up at the window decorations on the top five of Macy’s seven floors, or at the perfectly symmetrical Christmas tree nearby. You can smell sausages from the vending cart, and coffee and hot chocolate from the cafe. If you don’t think too hard, you can imagine you’re skating figure eights in perfect time to the holiday music. The Union Square Holiday Ice Rink epitomizes big-city Christmas like not much else.

805 Living Magazine – Soldiering On In San Francisco

805 Living Magazine Features The Lodge at the Presidio

Offering a bit of nature amid the urban bustle of San Francisco, the Lodge at the Presidio is housed in former army barracks that date back to the 1890s and are part of the ongoing restoration of the Presidio of San Francisco, a 1,500-acre park in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

UK Telegraph – Lodge at the Presidio

Lodge at the Presidio Lobby

By: Laura Chubb

8/10 Telegraph expert rating
“It’s not just the Golden Gate Bridge views that make this smart boutique hotel special. Planted in the heart of San Francisco’s Presidio national park, the surrounding forest and coast envelop guests in the city’s natural beauty.”

CNN – 10 Secrets Of The Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco, California

By: Katia Hetter
October 3, 2018

San Francisco (CNN) — An icon of the San Francisco Bay Area, the Golden Gate Bridge is more than a means for drivers to cross between the city of San Francisco and Marin County to the north.

A grand presence in California since it first opened after four years of construction in 1937 at a cost of $27 million, the bridge has made its appearance in film (“The Maltese Falcon” and “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”) and poetry (“The Changing Light” by beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti) and contributed to local folklore.

Sunset Magazine – 2018 Summer Guide

Lodge at the Presidio Featured In Sunset Magazine  - 2018 Summer Guide

National Park Lodge

Environmentalists, rejoice – not all new hotels mean the destruction of what’s come before. Just ask Rob Wallace of Architectural Resources Group, whose latest project, Lodge at the Presidio, takes this design maxim to heart: “When a building is re-adapted for use, it’s much greener than building new.”