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Any Goldsworthy Wooden Spire at Sunset
Any Goldsworthy Wooden Spire at Sunset
Any Goldsworthy Wooden Spire at Sunset

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Forbes – Secrets Of Luxury Hotel Design With BraytonHughes

Inn at the Presidio Lobby

By: Amber Gibson

Things at BraytonHughes have changed a lot in the last 30 years. When Richard Brayton and Stanford Hughes established their namesake design firm in San Francisco in 1989 their focus was on high-end corporate work and for many years it was a bit of a boys’ club. Today, two-thirds of their work is in hospitality and the principals are mostly minorities and women.

Three BraytonHughes principals – Fischbach, Villalon and Kiko Singh – share their thoughts on trends and hot topics in luxury hotel design.


Villalon: Inn at the Presidio was one of our first LEED projects, certified LEED Gold when it opened in 2012. It’s the architectural elements, the lighting and mechanical side, where the big points come into play. It is all very technical when it comes to rehabbing an old building. [Inn at the Presidio uses ground up denim for insulation, for example.] Some clients are very interested in LEED but it’s much more expensive and for some owners it’s not so important. The LEED standards have become even costlier in recent years, so you’re paying to be a part of the club.

Inn at the Presidio Entrance

Singh: Sustainability is something that I’ve always been super passionate about. I’m putting together a panel on the lifecycle of a guest room for the NEWH sustainability summit in April. In California, water conservation is the number one concern but we have to make sure the guest shower experience isn’t negatively impacted when we can only use 1.5 gallons of water per minute.

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